There once was a girl,
Marie-Luise was her name.

She lived in a world,
that was cruel and grey.

Lost and confused, all by herself,
not yet aware, that the truth was
something else.

For all the pain she had yet to fight,
there was always a path and
that shone a light.

Through all the heartache
and feeling alone,
she was guided by love
and never forlorn.

Oh Marie-Luise just look at
you now;
you make my heart sing
and I dance with your soul!

I have shown you the truth,
to make you see,
for great is my love,
for you and your family.

so go on,
dance and laugh, be confident and free,
knowing that peace,
comes only from me.

Ink & Acrylics on Canvas, 120cm x 100cm