Madame Désirée, googly eyed with a slightly crooked nose, might not be your classic beauty.BUT, by who‘s standards?
and anyhow, madame désirée has never been one to fall for such pityful superficial nonsense. she knows who she is and what she wants-who cares, what everyone else thinks, right? but that is not to say madame désirée doesn’t care a great deal about the well-being of others;
madame désirée is determined to work hard, expand her knowledge everyday and allow others to be who they are.
and that is EXACTLY why madame désirée is worshipped and adored by men and loved by the ladies!
she‘s got something no money can buy: character!
character is what sets her apart and helps her navigate through life in her unique way… that and her sense of style:
“make sure to always wear the right kind of hat and above all: be yourself and love others!“

Ink & Acrylics on Paper, 42cm x 30cm