AFRICA once a small, tender whisper in the back of her head, a voice so soft and quiet it was easy to miss.
AFRICA a precious dream inprinted on her heart, too small and sacred yet to reveal.
AFRICA a careful pull on her soul, growing deeper and stronger with every breath she took.
AFRICA a land unknown to her, the place her mother once taught her about.
AFRICA a vision that stayed with her. A dream she never stopped dreaming. A passion that kept her going through all her trials and tribulations.
And now she is here.
And while Sissi doesn‘t yet know, what the future holds for her exactly, there is one thing she does know for certain:
it will be anything but quiet!
Sissi is free at last and is laughing without fear of the future!
What is your Africa?

Ink, Acrylics & 23k Gold on Canvas, 60cm x 50cm