„Oh Elka, just give it some rest, will you?“ But no, that‘s not how Elka works. Elka is emotional. Elka is involved. Elka is curious. And yes, Elka can be a bit too much at times. Because Elka needs to know and fully understand. EVERYTHING. But it doesn‘t stop there; Elka not only needs to know, she needs to be part of it too. All of it. All the time. It‘s this somewhat exhausting involvement, combined with the ongoing babbling and excited cackling that makes her husband lift up his eyes to heaven in despair and makes her children roll their eyes. But, they can laugh and ridicule her all they want. At the end of the day, it is her that keeps them all together. It is her they all come running to, when they don‘t know how to stand on their own feet. They know that her nervousness comes from caring too much for them and it‘s her love for her family that sometimes makes her act all crazy. „And love, you see, is something you can do nothing about“, is what Elka‘s husband keeps saying while looking at his wife - the love of his life.

Ink on Paper 60cm x 45cm